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2024 Summer at Hughes Road Montessori

CAMP HOURS 9:00 AM–3:30 PM

June 3 - July 26

Each camp will have age-appropriate activities for your child's age group

Students enrolled for the Academic year can take advantage of Hughes Road Montessori School’s year-round Montessori program and summer camp. The eight-week summer session is held Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Kids will love their hands-on Montessori education and summertime activities like weekly crafts, science projects, painting, and much more. Children not currently enrolled in a Montessori school during the academic year are also welcome to attend summer camp. Children in the classroom range from 18 Months to 6 years old, including those in kindergarten and primary school.

The summer program provides a balance of academic enrichment, reading, writing, fine arts, cultural studies, and outdoor activities. Since the kids are on vacation and having fun is essential, we will continue with the basic Montessori curriculum’s language, numeracy, and sensory elements

The program study units are as follows​:



Through interesting experiments and enjoyable learning experiences, this program will foster an appreciation for science. Every day, we will thoroughly enjoy ourselves with a straightforward, safe science experiment. Everyday themes include plants, animals, light, sound, motion etc.,. 



Join us as we explore the fascinating world of bugs! Children will have the opportunity to discover where these creepy crawlies live, what they eat, and learn all about their interesting habits. This is a wonderful chance for kids to learn through hands-on experience and have a blast doing it!



Play with the hues of the environment while we study rainbows, gradients, and primary and secondary colors! Among the books in our collection are Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and Mouse Paint. We’ll work on a variety of arts and activities that enhance visual-motor coordination. Young artists will use paint, markers, beads, buttons, and glue to create their own mementos. Tissue paper and scissors.



Children will enjoy patriotic activities, including fun with flags and star-spangled art! We'll engage in a science activity to discover more about fireworks, and make this Independence Day unforgettable by preparing red, white, and blue foods. Children will celebrate a "hats off" to the 4th and take part in a fun, festive parade.



We will learn about community helpers who support us with safety, transportation, building, providing health care, farming, and cooking. We will explore vehicles, uniforms, and tools used in some professions and become more familiar with these everyday heroes.


Tell your camper "bon voyage" as they embark on an epic adventure around the world! Children will learn about famous landmarks, various flags, animals, cuisines, music, and cultural aspects from countries around the globe. Make sure their passports are up-to-date, we’re collecting stamps!



It's time to get going! We will be transported to the world of all things on the go. This camp about planes, trains, and automobiles will use tactile materials to discover what makes vehicles move. Children will encounter and hear stories about many modes of transportation. Afterward, they will use their imagination and art supplies to create their own!

Morning and Evening snacks will be provided at school.  No lunch will be provided

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As always, we thank you for your continued support.  We are looking forward to a fun-filled, educational summer!

                                                                          2024 CALENDAR


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