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Things to Bring

  • 2 complete changes of clothes

Please be sure this includes underwear, shirts, shorts or pants, and socks.   If your child still has occasional accidents, it would be helpful to send extra underwear and bottoms (shorts/pants) and even an extra pair of shoes to leave at school if your child is potty training or having frequent accidents. 

  • Framed family photo

Each child is invited to bring to school a framed family photo to keep on their classroom shelves.  The children enjoy seeing that as a part of their environment and will also learn to dust the photo as a part of their practical life work.

  • Indoor potted plant

Each child is asked to bring to school a small indoor plant in a pot.  As a part of the Practical Life work the children do, they will learn to water, dust and take care of their plant.  If your child is returning from last year, check in your child’s classroom to see if his/her plant from last year is still ok for the new school year.  Some of them didn’t make it the whole year and may need to be replaced.

  • Nap blanket or roll

All  children who stay for the full day  program will have a short nap period.  Please provide a bed roll and his/her own blanket to cover with.  You can either bring a nap roll, which has the pillow and blanket connected, or, you can just send a small travel size blanket.  Pillows are not necessary but if you do choose to send one, please send a small travel size.  The large bed pillows are too large to store.  We will keep these here at the school all week and send them home at the end of the week to be washed.  Each child will be sent home with a plastic bag to store blankets in, please keep this bag and return each week.  If you are returning from last year, please remember to send the bag back to school to reuse this school year.

  • Diapers

Toddler Class children who are not yet in underwear need to provide the school with a large pack of diapers.  These will be kept at school in a special spot for each child.  When the diapers begin to get low, we will notify you that we need a new pack.  Wipes are provided by the school.


Please contact the Director or class teacher with any questions.

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