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Celebration of Life

In the Montessori classroom, your child's passage through time is celebrated with a ceremony that we call “The Celebration of Life.”  This includes a discussion of characteristics of development, places visited, interests and so forth for each of your child's preceding years.  It also includes views of an anticipated event/accomplishment for the next year. 


When your child's birthday is near, please see your child's teacher to select a date for the class to plan his/her Celebration of Life.

You may send a birthday snack with your child to share with their friends.  Please send a low sugar snack, no cupcakes.  Suggestions: mini-muffins, fresh fruit, cheese and crackers, plain cookies etc.  Please save birthday cakes, party hats, treat bags, etc. for your birthday party at home.  This way both events are special in their own way.

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