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Playground Time

Outdoor playtime is scheduled each day, except during bad weather.  Please make sure your child gets to school with appropriate outerwear for that day.



Benefits of Outdoor Play


  • Learning to play -- a great joy of life is the creativity of play, of making up games, stories, roles, of creating with others; imaginations open up when you get outside.

  • Sunlight -- improves mood and provides vitamin D.

  • Getting into nature -- Even short periods in the natural world improve mood. Kids get outside and watch how things live and grow.

  • Making friends -- when kids play with others, they learn to cooperate and care about them

  • Different senses -- though kids smell, hear and taste inside, their senses are so much more outside, teaching their nervous system while expanding their imagination.

  • Sports -- kids need to use their bodies the way they're built, to move, jump and play.



It is so important to let the kids play outside: their brains and bodies grow, and they experience some of the greatest joys of life -- together with other kids.

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