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Lunch Guidelines

As part of our practical life lessons and work the children do in our Montessori program, lunch is a major part of our day.  Lunch is considered one of the lessons of the day.


Each child will work daily to set up their own lunch space using a cloth placemat and napkin, as well as their plate, cup, and utensils.


We are asking that each child who stays for lunch bring his/her own cloth napkin.  These will stay here at school and will be washed weekly with the rest of our classroom  laundry.  You can usually find these at a dollar store or Wal-Mart.  Please be sure they are machine washable (not the plastic or "wipe off' type).


We provide all plates, bowls, cups, and utensils.  The children in the primary classroom will be learning to wash their own plates after lunch and the children in both classes will be cleaning up his/her own lunch space, working to sweep crumbs, sponging off the table, and folding the placemats/napkins.  This is all part of our daily lunch routine.

  • Children enjoy preparing their own lunches.When possible, please allow them to participate in making their own lunch for school.

  • Your child's lunch should be packed in a lunch box or bag.

  • Please do not pack a drink in your child's lunch. We will serve water with lunch daily.As another part of their routine, the children serve their own water.

  • Any food that your child has not eaten will be repacked and sent home.This will help you see how much your child is eating.


PLEASE NOTE - The microwave or oven will not be used to heat lunches. If you would like to bring something that is warm such as chicken nuggets or macaroni and cheese, you can heat it and pack it into a thermos in the morning before school and n will still be warm by lunchtime.


We want to help children maintain healthy eating at school.  

The following items are not permitted and will be sent home unopened:

  • Candy, cakes and cookies (any type of "sweets")

  • Pudding or Jello

  • Juice boxes or carbonated drinks

  • Squeezable/drinkable applesauce or yogurts (please send one they can eat with a spoon)

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