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Parent's Corner


Working With Us Toward Success

Research shows that children are more likely to do well when their parents are involved. Why?  Because this shows the child that you value them, their school and their teachers. 


Ways to be involved with school:

• Attend conferences and other events at your child’s school.

• Read all the material sent home with your child.

• Offer to help. Even if you can’t volunteer at school, you may be able to help from home. You can make a difference.

• Read the parent handbook and follow the policies.

• Comment positively about their teachers and school.


Turn Mistakes Into Valuable Lessons

Everyone makes mistakes, but with your help, you can teach your child that the mistake is an opportunity to learn from it. 


Ways to help them learn:

• Praise their efforts. Remind them that they really tried and tell them that you're proud of them for that.

• Help find ways they can improve. Ask them to think about how they could have done better. Did they follow the directions? Did they rush through?

• Focus on success. Remind your child of all the things they found difficult before that are now easy for them.

• Get help. If your child works hard but still has problems, talk with their teacher.


Teaching Resposibility

Children who learn responsibility at home are more likely to listen to and respect teachers, cooperate with classmates and follow the rules. These are all traits of students who succeed.

Ways to teach responsibility:

• Assign age-appropriate chores at home. Hang a chore-chart where your child can check off their daily responsibilities.

• Teach your child about their responsibility for homework. If they struggle with an assignment let their teacher know and ask how you can help them at home.

• Praise your child when they show responsible behavior.


Tardies & Absences

The easiest way you can help your child do well in school is to  simply ensure they're here. Learning builds day by day. Tardies work in the same way. Arriving late to class affects your child and disrupts classmates’ learning.


Ways to help be prepared:

• Establish a routine and stick to it.

• Start the mornings the night before: have them set out their school clothes and help you prep their lunch.

• Make sure their backpack is ready to go by the door.

• Maintain a regular bedtime. Consider an earlier bedtime if they have trouble getting up.

• Give your child their own alarm clock.


Cancellation of Classes

In case of inclement weather, listen to local radio or television stations. We follow the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District policy. If the district does not hold classes due to the weather, HRMS will not hold classes.


Weather Emergency

Should a weather or emergency situation develop during a school day, the school may decide to close early and will begin contacting parents (or authorized persons). The safety of the children is first and foremost!



Holidays observed during the school year are noted on the yearly academic calendar and also on the monthly newsletter.

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