Each child comes into the world with a unique set of abilities and precious gifts, and a beautiful personality ready to unfold. Our most challenging and important task as adults is to create a safe and healthful environment that supports the developing potential of each individual.

Many people today realize that the way to build a healthy, happy and successful society is to meet the needs of the very young child in the most formative stages of development. We recognize the vital importance of parents and other adults in their daily interaction with young children and we support this great work.


It is our highest goal to prepare a loving, nurturing environment that honors this for each individual child.


Beginner (18 mo. - 3 yrs.)


The children of the Beginner class spend their morning with fine and gross motor activities, language enhancement and practical life skills. Manipulative materials reinforce concepts the child hears and sees. The environment provides them with lots of practice at making small independent decisions which will help them make the right choices as they mature. They work as individuals and in groups which gives them the social development they need. To help the child be successful at toilet training, the teacher will partner with the parent to provide a consistent method that will carry over from home to school.


Primary (3 yrs. - K)


The Primary program builds a foundation for children to develop social responsibility and to embrace the love of learning. Montessori-educated children possess the ability to be independent, self-directed and joyful in academic pursuits. This is partially obtained by the 3 year span in the Primary class. Younger children look up to older students and enhance their learning by observing and the older students become leaders and share their knowledge with the younger ones. Primary students have lessons in Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, and Cultural. In the Cultural area we discuss aspects of a continent each month. We travel through the continent discussing land and water forms, animals, the people and their culture, flags, money and resources.




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